A downloadable game for Windows

qeqe is one of the first games I ever made. Even though it was the game I put less effort on, it was the game my friends liked the most! so I decided to continue its development, so everyone can enjoy it.

Right now, qeqe is just a teaser... but i will continue it's development as long as i have enough money to survive :3

This is qeqe, just like it was when i developed it, back in 2015: http://pr00thmatic.github.io/q...

I've made some games in the past, and you can play them from here: http://pr00thmatic.github.io/ 

And here is the story of qeqe! https://bengalaa.wordpress.com...


qeqe-teaser-x86.rar 9 MB
qeqe-teaser-x86_64.rar 11 MB

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